Special thanks to Photographer Mark Peery for taking most of these picture.  These works are paper cutouts.  I am influenced a lot by the Suprematist artists of turn-of-the-century Russia.    See  Art Works Page 2 for the next phase.

Portrait Masque

The Appearance of Meaning

Innerds music show flyer by Heather Brosche and Bobby Bray

Heather and Bobby created this Flyer for Bobby's upcoming music show. I am inspired that they mention my brain images as inspiration for it. Comment from Heather Brosche: "Innerds collaboration collage, Bobby made the floating brain fish and I did the rest..."

The world Maker The mind is a meaning making machine. The earth inspires it, and it makes the earth into what it means at any given time.

Heavy Weather The perspective that the earth is separate from the mind is extremely ironic: The mind contains the knowledge that it has been 'woven' from the fabric of the earth, yet in many cases, it destroys the weaver.

Breaking Up A person is tripped up by a break up.

Sunlight On Top Of a Wave 2

Sun Light On Top Of a Wave

Star Tail