I decided to improve my relationship with my inner ear and sight reading. 
I discovered some things that have worked to help me develop these skills. 
I will share my favorite exercises (and refine them as I go). 

If you try any of them and have questions as you go, please let me know how they are working for you. 
My journey to a proficient ear and sight reading skill was fraught with many twists and turns. 

If yours is, maybe I can lend a hand. 

Profile of me as a student of the ear and sight reading 
(maybe you are like this too): 

I have tried tapes and "say-singing" intervals for about 25 years, but it really never has developed into a "relationship" with my ear such that I could convert what I hear in my mind's ear to meaningful patterns on the fret board while others played. That is not entirely true. 

I have always been able to pull stuff out of my gut. 
That is something I will hold onto that I could do before I found the exercises and ideas in the tech pages: 

There are a few very important concepts that have risen to the forefront of every practice decision I make: 

All exercises need to be "earxcercises". 
Every exercise needs to be an inner ear practice. 

For example, if you play an arpeggio exercise play it as slowly as you need to so you can hear the notes in your inner ear before or as you play them. 

There is much more ahead, but start there, and let me know what begins to happen. 
I will refine as I go. 

All exercises must be turned into "earxcercises": 

you must have practices that will take you there, and then get to know your two best friends in this pursuit...GRIT and DETERMINATION.