The performances take place on the stage of the Victory Theater, which functioned as a church since the 1960's. That is, until 2011, when the Center for Amusing Arts started doing events there, according to the Victory See the Theater's website. 

Article in San Diego Reader about bad music night

In the video above, I am playing childhood favorites on a saxophone I never play. 
I also tried songs by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. (Note perfect!) 

There are some great new ideas evoked when you think about how to be bad... 
Ways to be bad: 
Play something in bad taste 
Play something well but that noone wants to hear. 
Tell the audience you are going to do something you can't possibly do... that is really bad. 

Sometimes, as Sean said after the gig, some of the sounds are surprisingly good depending on your point of view as you hear them (and, from the perforrmer's view, as they make them).  As an experimental piece, the Bad performance my sound interesting, or, dare I say... good. 

There is also the fun we have booing when thee performance is too good, and clapping when it is excellently bad.