Ripping them a new one with electricity

 I really enjoyed playing the material with electric guitar and effects at Brick by Brick last Sunday. I think it got out to the audience.   When I played with the league of Crafty Guitarists, all 13 of us would focus quietly on having a great performance about 5 minutes before curtain call.  But, right as that ended and we were about to go on, Robert Fripp would say something to the effect, 'now let's rip them a new one'.  I finally sense some real version of that.  I could really feel my commitment to the material I was performing that night.  I had a sense that all I have are some notes and guitar effects, electricity, so I better really reach in and make something exciting happen.  It's actually not a lot (notes, effects, electricity), but committing to the act made it come alive for me.  Then, it seemed, it was getting out to the audience- Brick by sonic Brick.

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