Sound Music Suit Sensor project page 3 

Table of contents: 
Background:   What started it all? 
What will we do at the first meeting? 
How will we start everything? 
 How will the electronics begin to take shape?  
How will the sound get from the suit to the computer? 
How do you begin to fabricate Les Suit? 
 How do you organize and communicate a dizzying array of great ideas? 
 Ahh, could we see a sketch the electroniques? 
 How do you allow for idea expansion without getting lost in the ideaocean?  
How do you modify the idea list so members of the team know which ideas to spend time on?  
Electronics further defined 

How will we start everything? 

What needed to be done:  
8/18/2012 Part1 
Brainstorm ideas about the suit 
Send something to Heather that would kick-start the design process.  

What was done:  
A blurry image appeared about the suit.  

What was produced: 

Concept titles for the suit: 
sound composition apparatus 

A brainstrm abou my relaionship to the sound uit idea. 

Things I think the suit is: 

It is a growth from my subconscious membership in a highly mechanized consumer society. 

As the "suited citizen" In the suit as it is now, I represent the psychological effects of living in this kind of culture. 

- A study in how motion affects a performer and how sound effects motion ( a kind of feedback relationship) 

- a way of defining "noise" music as "sound music". 

How the suit affects me: 

- I tend to think of the structure of our culture in poetic term ( pieces about the effect of our reliance on electricity) when I think of using the suit to express something. 

They have a different quality when played off the suit 

attaching things does something to them 

I become part of them and them of me. 

What others have said: 

One person said I am like a cyborg. I am very much like a machine ( the way the suit is configured now) 

Things I would like to see the apparatus become: 

multi configurable depending on the kind of expression I want to do 

- I can go "mechanized" (The way it is configured now) 

- But I would like to do subtle and quiet (the piece called "kindness") ( bags, or feathers, or just the suit itself (brushing over its fabric) 

- I would like to be able to attach anything- 

Brainstorm of ideas for components (may or may not be doable): 

-multi textural fabrics (subtle variations in certain spots that make different fabric-based sounds) sections that will make sound jut by subtle rubbing 9no attachments, just the fabric) 

-way to hide wiring 

-Full set of electronic triggers 

- way to easily attach objects to every part of the apparatus 

Brainstorm of ideas for types of things I would like to do with it: 

Perform in a public space and interact with machines 

Perform next to the flight path and integrate plane-landing sounds. 
Wire up to a computer and use pure data and similar sound generators. 

have others play parts of it as a play 

Take pieces of and play other pieces with them 

Perform in the suit we are making at an art show with Heather! 

Create music with the suit that does not need to be performed live. Just a way of composing. 

Performance goals: 

- art gallery shows 

- collection of pieces made with the suit but not necessarily performed. 

no need to see it to enjoy the sounds 

- Start with the suit alone, then people adds things as I go and the composition builds.