Sound Music Suit Sensor project page 8 

Table of contents: 
Background:   What started it all? 
What will we do at the first meeting? 
How will we start everything? 
 How will the electronics begin to take shape?  
How will the sound get from the suit to the computer? 
How do you begin to fabricate Les Suit? 
 How do you organize and communicate a dizzying array of great ideas? 
 Ahh, could we see a sketch the electroniques? 
 How do you allow for idea expansion without getting lost in the idea ocean?  
How do you modify the idea list so members of the team know which ideas to spend time on?  
Electronics further defined 

Ahh, could see a sketch the electroniques? 

What needed to be done: 

Bring the electronics design into clearer focus 

What was done:  
Clearer focus on the approach to the electronic attachments.  The possibility of using arduinos wirelessly) 

What was produced: 
Bobby sketched some connection diagrams:  
I created a stick man sketch to clarify the how and where stuff.