It's about whirring though space

 30, 2011 AT 8:33PM 
Jonathan Piper's picture on "The Garage Gig" page of me whirring in a semi-here/semi not-here moment inspired this reflection.  The image gets at what it is like to be behind the controls of the 'sound suit'.  In one sense, I am very clear on what I am going to do (I am "here"), but I am also in between knowing what I am going to do, and not knowing (the "not-here").  The image also gets at what it is like to hear what is going on while gesturing: the sound picture is aslo whirring; here, not-here, or not-quite-here- arriving just as the physical gesture arrives...sometimes as a sudden calm where sound and gesture are in the "not-here", and I am in the eye of a moment; the focus of the lens... then slamming together ,"here", like wavecrests, the photo is that moment.  Thank you Jonathan!

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