You are the instrument

Trey Gunn posted this video of a great Jazz pianist describing how your instrument is an illusion.  How your internal process is the thing that is really happening.  I have experienced where the notes I am playing "fit" with the texture of the music around me because of my perspective on them, not necessarily because of their technical place in the music (i.e. playing a major scale because a certain kind of chord is playing in the background).  An example of the notes flowing out of my "perspective" would be that when I am confident in the stream of notes (and/or silences), they flow best.  I have had my solos fall to pieces when that confident sensation is not there.  This observation has led me to beleive that it is most important to practice things like "playing from a sense of confidence" and practicing "tenacious focus".  I have caught myself in moments where these things are in abundance, and I can do no wrong whether the notes are technically "in" or "out" .  Perhaps this "perpsective effect" works like some kind of quantum mechanical law. Enjoy.

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