Sound Music Suit In Detail

The Sound Music Suit project grew out of my interest in sound waves as a type of sculpture. 
The label "Sound Music" makes sense to me because I can mount any object on the suit (machine parts, feathers, etc.) as well as trigger sounds with sensors.  As a result, any sound in the world that is appropriate to the sculpture that emerges when the sound suit is in action can be incorporated. 


Sound Music suit press: 
Blurt magazine article about San Diego Experimental Guitar Show
San Diego Reader Interview about auditioning for America's got Talent
Third Annual San Diego Experimental Guitar Show in Sd Reader 

Blog Posts About the Sound Music Suit:
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Developing and performing "Experimental" and "improvisational"  music (my favorite phrase for it is "Sound Music")  has become an opportunity for me to try to connect musical energy with whatever is happening at the venue where the event is taking place.  Promoting that exchange is the motivating challenge of me.